Build Jerusalem is a Jerusalem Educational Experience focused on small on site briefings in the Northern and Old Jewish Quarters.

Build Jerusalem offers a two to three hour on-site educational experience within the old Jewish neighborhoods of pre 1948 Jerusalem. Most of these neighborhoods stand in what is today called the Muslim Quarter.

These neighborhoods were centers of Jewish life up until the pogroms of the 1920’s and 1930’s and ultimately destroyed when Israel lost the eastern half of Jerusalem in 1948.

Participants will learn the historical background of the neighborhoods, their strategic importance, and see with their own eyes how many of these areas are now being reclaimed and resettled by Jewish urban pioneers.

The Jerusalem Educational Experience Briefing Costs $39 a Person

So what’s in a briefing?

Participants get a historical overview of the Jewish neighborhoods that existed in the Old City before 1948.

More than a tour, a briefing will connect you to the roots of the conflict and miraculous renewal of Jewish life throughout Jerusalem’s Old City.

Gain a clear understanding of both the political and historical significance of these Jewish areas and why they provide the best chance to keep Jerusalem united and shifting focus to a rehabilitated and authentic narrative.

All briefings involve in depth on-site visits of the Northern Jewish Quarter, the Wittenburg House, Beit HaNof, and Shaar HaPrachim (the Roses Gate) along with other important sites.

Who Are We?


Rabbi David Mark is a long time Land of Israel activist focusing on Jewish indigenous rights in their ancestral homeland. He has partnered with various organizations like Heritage House, Ateret Cohanim, and the Israel land Fund to help rebrand the Jewish narrative in Jerusalem’s Old City and the wider “Holy Basin.” Rabbi Mark is a prolific writer and informal educator, focusing on the merger of chassidic thought and the Land of Israel.  He received his rabbinic ordination from Ohr Torah Stone and Rabbi Nechemia Goldberg and is currently one of the writers and editors at Breslov Research Institute.