Build Jerusalem is a Land Reclamation Consultancy based in the Old City of Jerusalem that focuses on education, frontline intelligence, and renovation initiatives with the single goal to help restore stolen Jewish property in Jerusalem’s Old City to the rightful owners.

Build Jerusalem offers educational tours, quarterly reports, and face to face consulting for those looking to invest in the Old City and its surrounding areas.

Many of these neighborhoods were centers of Jewish life up until the pogroms of the 1920’s and 1930’s and ultimately destroyed when Israel lost the eastern half of Jerusalem in 1948.

Now, 50 years have passed since the liberation of Jerusalem and these neighborhoods are being resettled by brave pioneers and dedicated activists. Build Jerusalem blends front line touring with real activism that is changing the geo-political landscape.

Become a Build Jerusalem member and recieve our quarterly Neighborhood Intelligence report filled with frontline updates that only we can bring you. Learn about past acquisitions as well as opportunities to help with renovation.

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